Drink More Water

Say goodbye to sugar, soda, and aspartame with our natural drink mixes

try everly

All Natural

plant-based sweeteners and colors from fruits and veggies

Sugar Free

full, delicious flavors with zero sugar and minimal calories

Low calorie

light and refreshing - won't ever weigh you down

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We need 2.5 L of water a day to stay hydrated

Everly helps you do that by making water more drinkable

It’s the best I’ve ever tasted, it has a safe sweetener, & it fits easily in my purse when I go out to dinner”

- Janine

“It's so nice to finally see a healthier and more natural alternative to the other garbage on the market.”

- Brandon

“Everly is a staple in our home. A day is not complete without Everly for our family!”

- Mandy

Healthy Hydration for Less

everly packets vs. enhanced waters


0 grams


30+ grams

0 calories


120+ calories

a tiny packet


wasteful bottles :(


1 packet into 17 oz of water

Shake or Stir

natural ingredients need love


and do your body good

every time you buy
a box of Everly

we provide life-saving
rehydration salts

to treat kids sick with
waterborne disease